The By-Appointment Networking Group was founded in April 2014 by Mallory McEligot, with the objective to create a network of individuals who solely work at by-appointment wineries. Over time, membership has expanded to include local drivers, concierge, and caterers who have expressed interest in participating in our specific and targeted networking events.

The By-Appointment Networking Group hosts private events at wineries, hotels, and restaurants. We invite a selection of businesses to showcase their offerings to a focused group of industry professionals. This model has proved successful in fostering inter-winery relationships, as well as lasting connections with trade partners. Our vast network works together to generate new business and revenue for all participating members by referring qualified clientele.

The By-Appointment Networking Group was founded in April 2014 by Mallory McEligot. We work with over 350+ individuals who represent over 150 businesses throughout Napa and Sonoma Counties.

We have been hosting exclusive private networking events for our members since June 2014. Our range of events can extend from an intimate Driver Expedition for 10 guests all the way to a 150 person Summer BBQ Celebration. During the Pandemic we pivoted to offering online events, virtual meetings, webinars and social media consultation to our members.

We are here to serve our members and help everyone succeed together. “Rising tides can lift all ships.” The fact that people visit our valley and visit more than one winery, eat at more than one restaurant, and are always seeking OUR opinion, made BANG what it is today! We are here to work together and help everyone thrive!


Meet leading industry professionals from Napa and Sonoma Counties. Work collaboratively to bring awareness to your brand and increase your business to business referrals.

Bringing Wineries, Lodging partners and Tour Guides together, in an intimate space, has been a proven model to grow your winery client referral base and help sell more wine. Members are given the opportunity to present their wines, properties, and services during our in person and online events.

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